Tuesday, April 9th, Coffee Dr. Cindy Bess
9:00 AM09:00

Tuesday, April 9th, Coffee Dr. Cindy Bess

Have you ever heard your child say, “I’m bored!”?

Are you wondering how to help your child make a successful transition from RHNS to Kindergarten?

Thinking about making the change from the daily Nursery School routine to a less structures summer schedule?

Do you ever secretly wish your children could happily focus their attention and safely play independently?

If so, then come to have Coffee with Cindy in the RHNS parlor

On Tuesday, April 9th from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Come and stay the whole time or only part of it.

Bring your questions and share your thoughts.

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Neighbor to Neighbor Food & Clothing Drive
to Apr 3

Neighbor to Neighbor Food & Clothing Drive

As we have done in the past, we are holding a Neighbor to Neighbor Food and Clothing Drive.

Each child will be sent home with a flyer and a paper bag this week. We ask that you kindly return items by Weds. April 3rd. Items that are in highest demand are listed below:

Our most needed food items are:

ü Peanut Butter & Jelly

ü Canned meat (Vienna sausage, tuna or chicken)

ü Oatmeal / Cereal

Our most needed household items are:

ü Hats, mittens, winter parkas

ü Diapers

ü Sheets, towels and blankets

ü Gently used clothing, shoes, accessories

ü New underwear (adult & children)

For those who would like to learn more: Neighbor to Neighbor is a non-profit organization supporting those in need in Greenwich (http://www.ntngreenwich.org/). See also attached flyer.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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Father's Visiting Day
8:00 AM08:00

Father's Visiting Day

Tuesday, November 6th (Election Day) is Fathers’ Visiting Day at Round Hill. This is one of our favorite days of the year, and we hope that all of our dads can come be part of our morning. If Dad is unavailable to join us that day, any other special adult - including Mom - is more than welcome to attend. We would be sad for any child to miss the excitement of having a visitor that day. If Dad can’t come, please plan to have someone join them.

Our doors will open at 8:00. Animal Embassy will be set up in the multipurpose room. Please plan to enter the school though office doors that morning! We will be here ready to welcome all our dads whenever they arrive. Each class has a special visit with Animal Embassy and we don’t want you to miss that!

8:10-8:35 Mrs. Feuerman and Mrs. Hansen’s threes class

8:35-9:00 Mrs. Andruss and Mrs. Retzler’s fours class

9:05-930 Mrs. Lupinacci and Mrs. Mazza’s threes class

9:35-10:00 Mrs. Choiffi and Mrs. Redahan’s fours class

For those of you who have children in more than one class at Round Hill, please touch base with your classroom teachers about any special projects that may be happening.

Daddy’s day will conclude at 10:00 and your child will continue on with the day as usual.

Some lucky Dads have children at First Step as well. If that is the case, please plan to be at the upper school first thing (8:00) and depart for First Step at 9:00 so you have some time in the classrooms and get to participate in music with your First Step child. The morning is intentionally scheduled so you will get the highlights from both programs!

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