Our Faculty


Round Hill Nursery School is fortunate to have a faculty that come from diverse life experiences, educational backgrounds and perspectives, unified by a sincere care and respect for our children and families. Teachers observe the children to assess their educational needs and set appropriate individual and group goals. Learning goals for your child include all aspects of growth and are grouped into four domains: Personal and Social, Physical, Cognitive and Creative Development. This process of planning and observing and continuously repeating the cycle ensures that not only are your child’s developmental needs being met, but they are continuously challenged to their fullest potential. Emphasis is placed on teachers and children engaging in active exploration, oral language, higher order thinking and integration of basic skills. These elements promote the development of language competence, learning through active engagement, encouraging children to use complex thinking and teaching children through rich conversational exchanges that take place during play.


First Step Teachers

Tricia Cingari
Cindy DelVecchio
Christine Lazar
Nichole Velaj



Upper School Fours

Leigh Retzler
Germain Andruss
Evelyn Redahan
Joan Chioffi



Upper School Threes

Maureen Feuerman
Rochelle Hanson
Susan Lupinacci
Betsy Mazza


Lilian Pincus
Gloria Aslanian


Board of Directors

Cathrine Neiswonger
Executive Director

Natalie Redmond

Marianne Love
Vice Precident

Maria Avila
Recording Secretary

Meredeth Reedy

Matt Shea
Assistant Treasurer

Hillary Kaufman
Corresponding Secretary

Courtney Wilson
First Step Coordinator

Andrea Dufresne
Benefit Co Chair

Natalie Redmond
Benefit Co Chair

Nava Mootabar
Community Relations

Cathy Holligan
Facilities Coordinator