Our Programs

Upper School Program


Upper School

The Upper School program at RHNS is our threes and fours programs.  We are in session Monday through Friday from 8:00-11:45 am.  We provide small class sizes with a maximum ration of 8:1 for each age group.  The physical arrangement, daily schedule and routines are designed to suit individual and group needs.  Within this arrangement, children are encouraged to make their own choices and participate in self-directed activities along with planned ones. The classroom environment is welcoming, stimulating and challenging.  Problem solving, experimentation, and social relations are encouraged through the use of developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Enrichment activities are embedded into our daily routine fours day per week.  Enrichment instruction includes music, art and physical education.

Extended Day, “Lunch Bunch”:

Our upper school students have the opportunity to extend their day and participate in classes like Bricks and Motors (robotic Legos), Mad Science, Martial Art, Nature Sprouts (Audubon), Theater, Music and Sports. Threes can participate up to two extended days. Fours can participate up to four extended. Offerings are specific to age groups.

Threes Program

To be eligible for admission to the threes program a child must celebrate his or her third birthday by December 31st.  Threes have the option of extending their day on Tuesday and Thursday to 1:45 pm.

Our threes teachers will work on fostering strong social and emotional skills that are foundational to success in all areas of development. Children are encouraged to engage in PLAY that is purposeful and to develop positive relationships with peers and teachers.   

Fours programs

To be eligible for admission to the fours program a child must celebrate his or her fourth birthday by December 31st . Fours have the option of extending their day Monday -Thursday until 1:45 p.m. 

Our fours teachers will foster a sense of community and relationship.  Children are encouraged to develop a respect of routine and a balance of independence with ability to follow directions.  Preacademic skills that will help the child transition to kindergarten are promoted within the context of learning through play and teacher led activities. The emphasis being on developing curious, capable learners.